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angelicdeamon96 won our latest contest with this poem

The premise of this contest was to write a poem that described the writer's earliest memory.


These are the entries for the current contest
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:iconauthors-club: has announced the winner of their Love is in the Air Contest and it is graphite-master with the piece   Romance and ExperienceA young serpent drifted beneath the waves. A silly thing; he dreamed and woke and couldn’t tell one from the other, but it mattered little to him. He roamed the sea at whim, stopping only occasionally to watch the world around him before flicking his tail to resume his course.
One warm spring day, he chanced upon a marsh crowded by water plants and seabirds, who danced in spirals and streaks, stirring the air as they glided noisily from one end to another. Intrigued, the serpent slid his head a little higher above the water and slithered through the algae.
He recognized this frenzied activity—courting, they called it. He’d never paid it much thought, thinking it wearisome and undignified, but that day it seemed as if his vision had been tinged in rose. Under a spell of pure insanity, he suddenly imagined himself in love, and being loved, no longer wandering the empty seas alone.
Love, he decided must be the goal in life. And he fell in love with the notion.
For days h


halpSo.. I have little to no inspiration .3. my ex boyfriend and his friend have been contacting me and yeah.. They've pretty much killed what little inspiration I had. Henceforth, I"ll be taking some ideas for y'all ^~^ What should I write about?  <<--- please read and send some some creative ideas


:iconpoeticalcondition: just announced the winners of their 'Holiday Traditions' contest.  :trophy:

First Place: MistletoeIt's cold outside,
And it's crowded in there,
I guess I'll just stay here,
Under the mistletoe.
I wonder where she is,
And I hope no one knows,
How much I want to see her,
Under the mistletoe.
Someone's coming,
I hope it's him,
But no one knows
That I'm under the mistletoe.
She's there,
She's standing there alone,
And no one knows,
That I'm with her,
Under the mistletoe.
He's right here,
Next to me,
Does he know,
That we are under,
The mistletoe?
She says,
"Hey look, mistletoe,"
I grab her hand,
as we kiss,
Under the mistletoe.
by pokemonsonic345

Second Place: Phos hilaronIf I say, "Surely the darkness will cover me, and the light around me turn to night," darkness is not dark to thee, O Lord; the night is as bright as the day; darkness and light to thee are both alike.     Psalm 139:10,11
We join our hands against the lengthening night: 
two blue candles, a rose, another blue.
We sit at table in the candlelight,
chanting the ancient hymn, "O gracious Light."
We thank God for the old year and the new,
and join our hands against the lengthening night.
We bless and break according to the rite,
and pass the bread, and ladle out the stew,
sitting at table in the candlelight.
The candles burn; the flickering room is bright.
Darkness is never dark; the light shines through.
We join our hands against the lengthening night.
We eat and talk, the shadows never quite
abolishing the light.  Dark is not true.
We sit at table in the candlelight.
Beloved to beloved, holding tight:
here we find strength to face the da
by fernknits

Third Place: MailanderliI loved the lemon cookies best -
butter and sugar that melts on tongues,
a sweet symphony in baked goods.
Mother loved us more than baking
(or cooking, to tell the whole truth)
and while she claimed not to be fond
of standing in the kitchen for hours,
for us she rolled out the cookie dough,
and let our childlike enthusiasm infect her smile.
The kitchen smelled wonderful
in those December days,
and I can't help but miss it dearly,
so these years, in the December days,
I roll the dough out myself.
It's hard to be sad about baking together
having ended up staying in the past
when the kitchen fills itself
with lemony-buttery smells.
I love the lemon cookies best -
how could I not? They're childhood
and memories of when christmas
meant nothing but magic to me still.
by miserabel

Congratulations to all the winners!

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